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Jamaican Passport & More
Jamaican Passport & More
Jamaican Passport & More
Jamaican Passport & More
Jamaican Passport & More
Jamaican Passport & More
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Jamaican Passport Renewal - Questions and Answers

Jamaican Passport
Jamaican Passport with Caribbean Community - CARICOM Endorsement
Jamaican Passport: Renewal Agency in Miami, Fort Lauderdale - Serving Broward, Miami, West Palm Beach,  Port Saint Lucie, Palm Bay, Orlando
The average renewal time for a Jamaican Passport is usually 6 - 8 weeks,
provided that  all required documents are accepted by the Jamaican.
Consulate and PICA (Passport Immigration Citizenship Agency of Jamaica).

Depending on your urgency and with documented proof, you may be able
to have your passport renewed within 3 - 4 weeks at an additional cost.

How long does it take to renew a Jamaican Passport?

Where can l get the application form to renew my passport? 
The application form is provided at our office with our service. However, the.
form may also be downloaded from this link: Jamaican Passport Application Form,.
if you need to mail in your application.

Can photocopies of a document be used if I can't find the original?
No - all documents provided must be original or certified copy.

How soon can I renew my Jamaican Passport?
Your Jamaican Passport can be renewed at any time with the exception of the new.
CARICOM issued passport, unless a lost or name change occurred since it was issued.

Do I need a Jamaican Passport if I am now a US Citizen?
No - however, if you plan to become a returning resident to Jamaica, ship items to.
Jamaica, visit for an extended period or transact business in Jamaica, it is strongly.
recommended that you have a valid Jamaican Passport.
Do I need to come into your office to renew my passport?
No - your notarized application can be mailed in with all the required original.
documents.  Call us or email: jampassport@gmail.com for additional information.
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